Top 11 Reasons for Missed Period

Worried about the missed period? The first and foremost striker thought that comes in mind is “Oops! I may be pregnant”. But this does not hold true always; as there are several reasons in a bucket for missing a period ranging from lifestyle changes to hormonal imbalance to serious medical conditions. 

picMissed Period can be associated with so many reasons

It is normal to have missed periods during the starting phase of puberty and when you are going to bid goodbye to it forever, which is the menopause phase; as hormones go crazy during this time and may disturb the regularized periods. 

The normal gap between the two cycles is 28 days, which may range from 21-35 days in different woman and that is perfectly normal.

If a woman misses her period for 3 months at a stretch, the condition is termed as “Amenorrhea”.

Top Possible reasons to miss the period

1. Missed Period due to Pregnancy

The most possible reason for a sexually active woman of missing a period is pregnancy. Get the pregnancy kits and check for the two pink lines. 

If the sperm fertilizes the egg during the ovulation period or fertility window, you will miss the period and congratulations! You have conceived already.

You may not always see two positive lines on the strip while missing menstruation as there could be other factors that are the culprit for the same.

2. Missed Period due to Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

The most common reason nowadays for irregular periods is PCOS. Every 1 out of 5 women suffers from this syndrome. All thanks to an unhealthy lifestyle with junk food consumption, zero exercise and sedentary work life. 

PCOS is a syndrome where there are cysts formation on the ovaries that do not allow eggs to get matured, prolongs ovulation, releases more of male hormones and thus, results in irregular cycles

Exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the only way out of this web.

3. Missed Period due to Weight Changes

A sudden change in weight can lead to hormonal imbalance which in turn hampers the menstrual cycle.

Low weight women with eating disorders and ranging 10% below a normal BMI suffer from irregular periods. Eating right and increasing a slight on the higher side can be helpful to regularize it.

Obese or the higher weights on a balance also leads to hormonal imbalance. A dietician can help you with the right diet and exercises that may prove beneficial overall to your health.

4. Missed Period due to Stress

A long, prolonged and intense stress is definitely going to take a troll on your hormones and in turn on menstrual cycle

Stress and hormones are managed by the same part of our brain and this is the reason one must be stress-free for normal hormone functioning.

Find out the methods to deal with the stress; meditate, relax and exercise to decrease the stress. If still not able to cope up, talk to the counsellors that may help you to find the right way to deal with it.

5. Missed Period due to Heavy Workouts

A routine exercise is always a good practise to follow-up. But suddenly a heavy workouts or excessive exercise, especially in the ones with lower body fat is going to lower down the estrogen levels which is the key hormone of female reproductive hormones that regulates menstruation.

6. Missed Period due to Thyroid Dysfunction

Hypothyroidism, as well as hyperthyroidism, can lead to irregular cycles. Thyroid gland produces the hormones that regulate the metabolism of the body and may affect the hormone concentrations. 

Get the blood test done and know the levels. With proper medications, you can pull your hormones in the normal range.

7. Missed Period due to Breastfeeding

Even if the periods return after the delivery, it may not be regular during the entire course of breastfeeding. Prolactin, a chief of breastfeeding, alters your cycle. You may see variations in every month that may result due to growth spurt of your baby where you are actively involved in night feeds.

8. Missed Period due to Contraceptive Pills

Women using birth control pills which are hormone loaded have noted irregular periods. These hormones may keep your uterine lining so thin that may not result in period to happen.

If you are uncomfortable with this, talk to your gynaecologist for an alternate method.

9. Missed Period due to Perimenopause

This is a phase before menopause when the estrogen level starts fluctuating and gives you the red signal of coming in. This may happen 2-3 years before or may even start even 10 years before menopause.

10. Missed Period due to Sleep pattern changes

A sudden flip in your sleep pattern owing to working hours or foreign travels, triggers your stress which in turn trigger imbalance in hormone secretion.

11. Missed Period due to other Medical Conditions

Missed Period due to Ectopic pregnancy

A condition in which a fertilized egg instead of attaching in the uterus sets on either fallopian tube, cervix or other abdominal space. This may miss your period and show a negative on the strip but consult your gynaecologist if you feel severe abdominal cramps or pain, nausea, vomiting or spotting. 

Uterine fibroids or polyps in the uterus lining

This condition may not allow uterus lining to form and period to happen. If you are stressed for the irregular menstruation and it is making you feel uncomfortable, get your blood tests done for hormone levels today itself to rule out the possible cause.

Do not stress unnecessarily for the missed ones as they may worsen your condition and further prolong the process. 

Stay happy and stay fit to grab the hormones in the right amount.

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