Leaking Breasts during Pregnancy

You still see a moon in the daytime, when you first saw those two pink lines on the pregnancy kit. The brew of joy, excitement, nervousness rushes down your bloodstream. A turn of life when everything is going to change, including you and your body. 

From the very first day of conception, your body is getting a ride of several hormones that will showcase several changes in you.

The Kingdom of Hormones

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), the first majesty, that stride in when the ovum gets fertilized by sperm. This great hormone stimulates the production of other key hormones - estrogen and progesterone. 

The key role of estrogen is to grow the uterus, regulate other pregnancy hormones and take the in charge of baby’s development. 

Progesterone thickens the uterine line to nest the baby and helps to develop the breast tissue.

As pregnancy progresses, progesterone levels go down, stimulating prolactin secretion which is a milk-producing hormone

Several breast changes are observed under the rule of these hormones such as nipples getting larger, areola becoming swollen and darker, soreness and tingling in nipples, tiny bumps on the areola (Montgomery’s tubercles) that produces oil which in turn helps to protect against infections during breastfeeding sessions.

These changes are progressive from the very 5th - 6th week of pregnancy and may feel at its best after 14th week of pregnancy.

The very awkward count of these hormones is they leak your breasts out. 

Breasts leak out during second trimester

The second trimester is a settled and best phase out of your all the three trimesters which calms down certain hormones that may have taken you on the ride of motion sickness, nausea or dizziness and other pregnancy symptoms. But at the same time, it comes with a new guest of hormone that will give you another strange motion.

As early as 14th week of your second trimester, one may find a yellowish discharge from breasts that wets up your cloths and really makes you uncomfortable in public.

Few ladies may get panic on seeing this discharge. But calm down, this is just a gesture from your body to let you know that it is preparing baby’s delicious food.

This yellow discharge during the second trimester is nothing but the very first magic potion, “Colostrum”. This yellowish liquid gets colourless as your pregnancy proceeds and becomes the most nutritious first feed of your baby that gives a strong immunity against several infections.

You may see discharge at some specific times like when the nipples are getting stimulated, massaged or rubbed against clothes that you wear.

Is Having Leaking Breasts Normal?

Yes, this is absolutely normal. Some females swift their pregnancy without leaking while some may experience it, both conditions are perfectly fine.

If one notices more discharge or thick discharge with blood stains or foul-smelling or you find lumps and pain in the breast, it is advised to see a gynaecologist to rule out bacterial infection or any duct blockage.

7 Ways to Manage Leaking Breasts

pic7 ways to Manage Leaking Breasts

1. Breast pads 

For me, the best saviors are the breast pads under bras. Use the reusable cotton ones that give you the comfort as well. 

2. Comfort, padded bra

Wearing a comfortable bra for the sensitive, sore, bigger boobs become the must upholding thing in pregnancy. Just top up your bras with the padded ones that relieve you from wet looks.

3. Carry an extra spare padded bra and clothing

The best plan for rescue during long working hours is to carry an extra padded bra and clothing that you can change and feel the comfort. 

4. Update your wardrobe with patterned, striped attires

Handle the fluster with style. Revamp your wardrobe with light coloured, patterned attires that conceals the unexpected leak.

5. Pressing the nipple

Firmly pressing the nipple or folding hands tight over the boobs when you feel the “let down” helps you to stop the ooze out.

6. Squeeze it out

Squeezing or expressing the milk beforehand helps you to deal with the leak.  

7. Shrug Off

It may sometime feel embarrassed or awkward, but do not take it seriously. Throw it in humour, laugh it out and add it in the pregnancy memory book.

Being pregnant makes the surrounding world fuzz of all kinds of thoughts. 

Oozing out might be irritating, embarrassing, uneasy, awkward or worrisome, but don’t let it ruin the amazing journey of pregnancy. Trust the nature, trust the body and sail with it. Enjoy the phase and prepare yourself for the best to come.

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