Are you using the right condom? 

Of course, we all might guess it right as for why we need condoms. But do we really understand why it is so important that we use and make our next generations, kids, cousins, friends etc realize importance of using a condom and its impact on the society?

So many youngsters are not finding the condom to be good for sexual pleasure or activity. But Choosing the right condom can change perception. Knowing the importance of condom usage everyone should give the due respect a condom deserves.

Understanding a Condom

Condoms are made up of materials which have elasticity and tear resistance, while also being as thin as possible to make its presence unknown. So essentially this is great balance system that a condom needs to perform. The image below explains the balancing factors many condom manufacturers take into consideration.

picImportant factors to consider while making condom design

Steps for Choosing a right Condom

  • Choose condom material
  • Choose the size
  • Choose the type

Material for Condoms

Condoms are manufactured using the below materials

  • Natural Latex Rubber
  • Lambskin
  • Nitrile
  • Silicone
  • Synthetic Rubber (Polyurethane or Polyisoprene

Condom Sizes

Condom size is an important thing for your comfort during sexual activity. Owing to the fact that condoms are very elastic, most people ignore the sizes. But a correct condom size can give you an added comfort zone in your sex life. A size lower can cause irritation or discomfort and a size upper can slip off. Either way you will have a negative experience. 

How to arrive at the best size
  • Measure your erect penis length - from the base (pubic bone) to tip of an erect penis
  • Measure your penis girth (thickest part of the penis) - note the circumference ( wrap the measuring tape or a thread)
  • Measure the width of the penis - It is the diameter, divide the girth by 3.14 to arrive at the width.

Now use the measurements to get the right condom for yourself. 

Condom length is usually not a crucial factor as the length variation is between 6.5” to 8” and is not expected to be completely rolled down for an average person.

The most important factor to consider is the penile girth (circumference)/width which is really important is selecting a condom.

  • Snug fit (small) - width 1.9” - 2.0”
  • Regular fit (standard) - width 2.0” - 2.1”
  • Large fit (large/extra large) - width 2.1” - 2.2”

 Types of Condoms

picVarious types of condoms available in market
  • Dotted/Textured - Ribbed condoms have little raised ridges running around them which improve friction and pleasure to create added sexual sensation.
  • Flavoured - a nice addition for oral sex as well as fancy options
  • Colours - Fancy options
  • Glowing - Glows in the dark and adds to the romance for a hide and seek game during your sexual activity. Makes a playful addition 
  • Shapes - Pear Shaped, Broad Shaped, especially useful for giving room for the broader head penis type.
  • Thick/Thin - This for choosing intimacy vs extra security - totally your preference
  • Lubricated / Medicated - Many Condoms have lubrication in them, also some have medications as well - preventing early ejaculation so your sex time is higher, Some have 
  • Sensitizing - There are some condoms which can give sensations to both parties - tingling, hot and cold sensations.

Well, we hope you have some fair idea about the condoms now and it helps make you a better purchase next time. Have a safe and fun sex!

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