Consuming Lemon During Pregnancy

You might have heard already that having lemon can help relieve against nausea or morning sickness. But is it really true? Being pregnant is daunting. Your mind is always filled with these questions, these doubts. Are you eating healthy enough? Are you resting well enough?

In this article we will try and explore additional benefits of lemons and a look into possible side-effects associated with consumption of LEMON during pregnancy.

picConsuming Lemon During Pregnancy

First things first..

Is it safe to eat lemons during Pregnancy?

Yes. It is safe to ingest lemon, and any other citrus fruit for that matter, during pregnancy. The lemons are a great source of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the proper growth and development of the fetus, as well as enhancement of maternal health.

Lemons are almost 0% fat and very low calorie food (100gm juice provide only 22 calorie)

There are myriad ways in which lemons can be beneficial for you and your baby, but as the saying goes - too much of anything is harmful. But before diving deeper into that, let’s take a look at the health benefits eating lemons provides.

Benefits of eating lemons

1. Boosts immunity

Lemons are an abundant source of Vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system combating infections like common flu, cold, and fever.

It has anti-bacterial and anti-cancer properties as well. The remarkable levels of flavanones in lemons — eriocitrin and hesperetin aids in boosting immunity. It also helps in preventing against harmful bacteria and viruses. 

Video - Lemons during Pregnancy

2. Helps in Fetal Development

Lemons are abundant in various nutrients and minerals that are jam-packed with elements like calcium, niacin, folate, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, manganese, vitamin B6, and riboflavin among many others that are especially important for proper fetal development

  • Brain Development: The deficiency of Vitamin C often leads to complications related to fetal brain development and is more concentrated on the hippocampus (Part of brain responsible for memory).
  • Prevent neural defects: Spina bifida and anencephaly are a few defects that can cause serious damage to the brain and the spinal cord of the baby during the first month of pregnancy. The folate present in lemon can help prevent these neural tube defects.
  • Bone Development: The magnesium and calcium also help in the development of bone of the baby. 

3. Prevents Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is one of the most difficult things moms-to-be face during pregnancy. It is painful, and incredibly draining. Lemons have proven to be an excellent remedy for preventing nausea.

picLemon juice can help in hydration and morning sickness during Pregnancy

Consumption of lemon water, lemon juice, or even just licking, or smelling lemons sometimes helps with nausea. The lemon restrains the excess production of bile and also gets rid of accumulated phlegm and, therefore, effectively helps with morning sickness.

As per a study, lemon scent aromatherapy can also help to relieve the symptoms of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

However, if your morning sickness is incessant and doesn’t stop even after consuming lemon, you can try some other home remedies or can consult a doctor immediately.

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24 Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

4. Relieves constipation and helps in digestion

The majority of pregnant women fall prey to indigestion and constipation and lemon can provide an easy and quick relief.

Lemon helps vitalize both the liver and bowel which facilitates the ease of digestion. Utilization of lemon in your diet assists in the healthy functioning of the liver as it helps in flushing out the toxins from the liver and in this manner improve its capacity. 

5. Alkalizes the body (maintains the pH level)

Yes, you read that correctly. Alkalizes. Lemons are originally acidic, we all know that. But after reaching the systems they turn alkaline.

The human blood is slightly alkaline with its pH between 7.3 to 7.45. At the point when the pH levels turn acidic, the body plays out a buffering activity by obtaining the alkalinity from bones and teeth to redress.

picConsuming Lemons have multifold benefits during Pregnancy

Drinking lemon water preserves the alkaline level of the body. This protects the body's basic levels and makes it promptly accessible during the development of the baby.

The pH levels of the blood additionally demonstrate the accessibility of oxygen to the cells. It is fundamental to have appropriately oxygenated cells for the vitality of the fetus.

6. Boosts Hydration

Staying hydrated is always important but even more so while you’re pregnant. Water simply has too many functions to perform in the body, some of these include:

  • Supporting digestion
  • Helping in elimination of body wastes
  • Regulating body temperature

Therefore, you need to drink a good deal of water every day. Well, the repetition might bore you sometimes so add lemon and a little bit of sugar to the water to give your an interesting, delicious little twist.

MustA pregnant woman need to drink around 8-12 glasses of water per day

Dehydration may often lead to edema (swollen feet) which is generally painful. Consuming lemon water helps relieve the pain.

7. Regulates Blood Pressure

Lemons are a rich source of vitamins which can help to strengthen the blood vessels. This can help reduce the increased blood pressure.

Additionally, consuming lemon juice can help to reduce the cholesterol levels.

8. Help prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common during pregnancy. The diuretic effect of lemons maintain the kidney health and functioning. Thus, the chances of UTIs can be reduced.

As you can see, the benefits of consuming lemons during pregnancy are endless. But that in no way guarantees that there aren’t any side-effects.

We’ve already said it before and we cannot stress this enough when we repeat - an excess of anything is harmful. And that includes the versatile citrus lemon.


1. Causes Dental Problems

Although it is mentioned above that lemons help in balancing the pH of our body, over-consumption of lemons is harmful to the enamel of your teeth since decalcification of teeth and bones is especially high during pregnancy.

This often leads to various dental problems including weakened, more sensitive teeth, decoloration of teeth, etc. 

2. Causes heat-burn

Excessive intake of lemon may cause gastrointestinal discomfort like acid reflux (heartburn). If you’re already facing this, which is quite common during pregnancy, eating lemon might escalate the symptoms because of its significantly high amount of citric acid content.

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits and side-effects, let us look at some ways with which you can incorporate lemons into your daily diet. 

Ways Of Consuming Lemons

1. Lemon Tea!

picLemon tea is one of the best way of consuming Lemons

Who doesn’t like lemon tea right? If you’re a daily consumer of black tea, you can step up a notch and make tastier and healthier tea by integrating lemon juice and a little bit of ginger (for that extra zing). 

2. You can always make lemonade, especially during summers to get all that nutrition and to get relief from the heat. Just be cautious and avoid adding too much of sugar.

How to prepare:

Take a glass of water, squeeze half a lemon in it and add honey for the natural sweetness (and a whole lot of good as well).

3. Lemon infused water: Add lemon, and basil to a glass of water, refrigerate it for a few hours. Drink the infused water after a long, tiring day.

But keep in mind that taking cold lemon water may also lead to cold and cough and should be avoided.

4. Lemon juice on salad:

picIrrespective of the way, consuming lemons are beneficial during pregnancy

You can always squeeze half a lemon to the vegetable salad before lunch.

Well, we hope we answered all your queries regarding lemons during pregnancy. While the pro certainly weighs over the cons, it is advised to consult your doctor before resorting to a lemon incorporated diet.

Happy and healthy pregnancy!


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